Re-defining my self

Change is the only constant. A well-established fact and a bitter truth. But it is upon you how you grow, and how gracefully you adapt to the changes. It has been a year since I launched my blog and started working full time in Styling, Image consulting and training. Human, has to constantly re-define itself … Continue reading Re-defining my self


Bride for her Champagne brunch look

The trend of Indian wedding has changed. All the occasions are given themes and dress codes, and yes, people do follow them. There will be themes like mela, village, colour codes, cocktail, pool party etc. So imagine you are the bride and you want to keep a Champagne brunch party on a beach with all … Continue reading Bride for her Champagne brunch look

This is what I would wear for my best friend’s wedding

  I still remember my best friend(s) wedding. Already having experienced it, I feel, next to the parents, it is her friends who are super-duper happy for her. And that excitement is seen in the way we dress. For a friend’s wedding, I want to dress traditionally, but again, want to experiment with the hues … Continue reading This is what I would wear for my best friend’s wedding


Enlighten “wisdom” this Diwali

Diwali –or Deepavali literally means deep – light and Avali – rows, a row of lights. There are many stories behind celebrating Diwali, like it is the day when Lord Vishnu got married to Lakshmi, when Lord Vishnu fought and won against Bali-a demon king, and many more. But the most known fact being, a … Continue reading Enlighten “wisdom” this Diwali


Bride and her Mehendi outfit

That beautiful moment when mehendi is being applied on your hands. I am being a bit cliché but imagine your mehendi with your husband’s name and the song playing “Mehendi hai rachne waali, haanthon mein gehri laali”     The decor of the mehendi function, with colourful flowers and drapes all around.  Lets do something … Continue reading Bride and her Mehendi outfit


Get the Baraat look this wedding season

  Le jaayenge le jaaynge, dilwale dulhania le jaayenge….. The best time of the wedding is the baraat time. When you dance to the amazing band baaja and dhol, not caring what the onlookers might think. You just dance your heart out. Go switch on any baraat video and you will find the weirdest steps … Continue reading Get the Baraat look this wedding season


Get yourself styled for wedding season

Its your friends wedding. You are the bridesmaid. All eyes are on you, as you move around with like like a shadow. Yes you want to look the best. When you know all of this, how do you end up styling yourself for the wedding? What I have generally seen is, 2 weeks remaining for … Continue reading Get yourself styled for wedding season