“Only do what your heart tells You”- Princess Diana

Yes, I listened to my heart and today I am an Image Consultant, a Stylist and a Communications Trainer. The journey from being a Chartered Accountant and handling family business, to jumping into this crazy world has been really mesmerizing.

I live by my passion each day. Always on my toes, I can dance even without music, and that is the amount of energy and enthusiasm I want to live with forever. I am always eager to learn more, to learn something new, and nothing could have been better than styling and training.

I have always found Styling, adding that extra bit, my go-to weapon. The feel of looking good, and dressing up to my best, have always brought that momentum in my work. And, I am known for this.

For me, Style is YOU, the internal you which is echoed outside. Style should be unique to you. At Portraiture, we strive to help my clients, find their unique style and flaunt it.

The services which we provide at Portraiture are –

  • Styling the clients – for Photo shoots, Weddings, Awards, Portfolios, or any other event.
  • Image consulting – Including shape and color evaluation, Wardrobe handling, Smart shopping, building clusters from your wardrobe and Personal styling.
  • Personal Shopper
  • Overall Personality Enhancement – including Confidence building, communication, styling and etiquette.
  • Communication sessions for Corporate, Students and Professionals.
  • Office, Corporate and Communication Etiquette.
  • Basic and glamour Make up sessions

We make it a point to personalize each session in regards to the client and his needs.

Feel good, look good and portray your best image.