Re-defining my self

Change is the only constant. A well-established fact and a bitter truth. But it is upon you how you grow, and how gracefully you adapt to the changes.

It has been a year since I launched my blog and started working full time in Styling, Image consulting and training. Human, has to constantly re-define itself to adapt to the external and internal demands.

And yes, I have transformed, learned and grown with each client.

Not only that, exploring yourself, with keeping your values intact, to transform into a better being is very important.

How many of you, sit with yourself at least once a week to pamper yourself or indulge in activities which you really love!! You have to, from time to time, give yourself space, dig in and find yourself again, learn, grow, search your purpose, set goals, transform and emerge into an enhanced version of you.

Taking this inspiration, we are also re –defining ourselves.

Since a year, I have been mainly writing on Fashion and styling. I have received many requests, that I should be expanding more on my blogs to share the areas I work upon, and also my thoughts on subjects like confidence, transformations, law of attraction, book reviews etc.

I really want to share my learning on soft skills, self-confidence and also styling for Men.

So, my aim for all my future blogs will be, to put forward how styling, grooming and image takes a walk, hand in hand, with your self confidence, personality, and inner grooming, and they both emerge winners together.

Here is to a new beginning, within stronger determination and confidence, the face of Portraiture, our new Logo.

PP White BG


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