Bride for her Champagne brunch look

The trend of Indian wedding has changed. All the occasions are given themes and dress codes, and yes, people do follow them. There will be themes like mela, village, colour codes, cocktail, pool party etc.

So imagine you are the bride and you want to keep a Champagne brunch party on a beach with all your close people.

Here comes the outfit which is very close to my heart, my favourite of the lot, a peach floral gown.



What I like the most about it is that the floral print is not the typical floral which has been here for quite some time. I like the freshness of the print and the colour. I kept the pattern classy with a boat neck. The gown I feel, is apt for the theme as the colours and flow of the gown is as bubbly, lively and sparkling as the champagne.


I chose a broad belt with some embroidery on it. But you can go in for a gold thin one also.

For the jewellery, kept it classic, so just a pair of long uncut diamond and baby pink  earrings, which perfectly compliments the outfit and the theme.


I asked my tailor to give the gown a good amount of flare, and here it is.

If you are not the bride, you can also wear this to a friend’s cocktail cum sangeet party.


So ready to get high on happiness this season?

Get styled, and make your wedding season memorable.


Looking forward to style you soon

Love Pari


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