This is what I would wear for my best friend’s wedding


I still remember my best friend(s) wedding. Already having experienced it, I feel, next to the parents, it is her friends who are super-duper happy for her.

And that excitement is seen in the way we dress.

For a friend’s wedding, I want to dress traditionally, but again, want to experiment with the hues of the outfits.

So here, I chose a yellow brocade blouse, a blue lehenga and an ivory work dupatta.


I chose this outfit, for its colour combination of sky blue and yellow (bumblebee) shade, a fresh and trending combination. I am totally in love with it and I will soon explore this combination in sarees and western wear.

The Lehenga is a chanderi cotton one, with rose gold and antique gold work. The whole beauty lies in the bright colour of the lehenga and the simplicity in the work.


The yellow blouse is a brocade one, and if you notice, it is of the yellow skirt I had worn with the green cape. That is styling, to break the outfits and combine it creatively.

I chose an ivory white, pearl and copper gold work dupatta. I really wanted to break the stereotype golden dupatta, so I decided on this.

Trust me, with this combination, all the eyes will be on you, as you look fresh, stunning and unique in the crowd of traditional colour combinations.


I found these jhumkas, with the beautiful pearl drop, really adorable. I just did not want to wear it simple. So I got these pearl extensions done, which gets pinned to your hair. I love how these make my face look longer and thinner.

Coming to the anklet/payal. I found only the payal at the same store and wanted to match this with my jhumkas. So I instructed the shop keeper to add the pearl line, which I wore it in my second toe.


I love how this outfit looks customary, yet there is a freshness in the colours of the outfit and the style of the jewellery.

So, gear up for the wedding season in style. Look stylish, look beautiful and portray your best image.

Loads of love,


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