Enlighten “wisdom” this Diwali

Diwali –or Deepavali literally means deep – light and Avali – rows, a row of lights.

There are many stories behind celebrating Diwali, like it is the day when Lord Vishnu got married to Lakshmi, when Lord Vishnu fought and won against Bali-a demon king, and many more. But the most known fact being, a day when Lord Rama returned to his home Ayodhaya, after a glorious victory over Ravana.


 Amongst all the reasons, the significance of Diwali is the Victory over Darkness. When the good wins over evil and spreads happiness.

 What I believe is when you light a diya on Diwali, it is to identify a part of yourself which is in darkness, and decide to work on it and make it positive. It might be a thought, a belief, a fear, ignorance, hatred, anything. Take time to think of the areas which needs your attention. Every time you light a candle (diya), think about the steps you can take to convert them positively. It enlightens yours, and others way. Work on yourself and transform into a better person. 

Weakness of Attitude becomes weakness of Character – Albert Einstein

I urge the elders and parents, that when you celebrate such festivals, make the child understand the moral of the stories, why we need to implement these in our life. Festivals should not only remain as the process of pooja and food, but the underlying reason should be transferred. For example, when you light a diya, tell them it signifies the victory of positive over negativity/darkness. When you go and visit relatives, tell them it signifies unity and spreads love. It really changes their outlook towards feativals, different Indian culture and also towards elders. 

Make most of these festivals to make them a better human.

Happy Diwali to all

Lots of Love,


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