Get yourself styled for wedding season

Its your friends wedding. You are the bridesmaid. All eyes are on you, as you move around with like like a shadow. Yes you want to look the best.

When you know all of this, how do you end up styling yourself for the wedding? What I have generally seen is, 2 weeks remaining for the wedding, and people go rushing to shops to buy whatever they find. Sometimes, not getting the right fit, or a suitable one for the theme, or even the matching jewellery. All you end up wearing is whatever you “find” or whatever you already have. And you end up thinking after the wedding, only if I had planned or got myself styled, I could have had such wonderful pictures.

Why wait till the end,  when you can get yourself styled by professionals.

When Priyam approached to get herself styled for one of her friends wedding, she was so so excited. One, because it was the first time she was getting herself styled for an occasion, second, it was a destination wedding with some important people attending. We had less time, but we made it.

Priyam knew that she wanted to make an impact on the crowd, as well as on her friends who had never seen her this decked up.She loved flare, and she was very clear on having skirts for both the sangeet and reception outfits.

As an Image consultant, it is not only the styles that we recommend or outfits that we design, but we see all the aspects, from colour to lines, patterns to the appropriate fit, as per the clients structure. Even the minute details like the shape and size of the accessories are taken care of.



For the sangeet look, where she had to perform on a song, we decided to keep the colours and the look, traditional. So, the colour red. We gave her a good long red kurta, with a golden skirt, a dupatta and a thin diamond studded waist belt. We kept the dupatta straight, pleated and in place with the waist belt, which gives her an elongated look. The position of the dupatta, and her easy outfit, made it easy for her to perform at the sangeet. The Mang tikka adds a flavour to the outfit and makes her cute face, prettier.


For Reception, we wanted the colour to be classic, elegant and stylish, not falling too much into traditional zone. So we choose a royal blue skirt, an off white crop top, a green and blue patterned jacket, with a brooch. The Jacket style, leaves a strong impression, the blue colour makes her look refined, and to top it, the style of the brooch looks really regal and classic.

Isn’t Priyam looking gorgeous and stylish. Priyam received amazing compliments from her friends and even from the people she met for the first time. She was really overwhelmed with the love and compliments that were pouring in. The best compliment was, that her sisters, who were pleasantly surprised, were literally staring at her during the whole event. What more can you ask for.

So, it does not take a lot of effort  to get yourself styled for some important or special occasion you want to attend. And specially when you do not have time, resource or clarity in mind as to the kind of outfit you are planning to wear. Such events, can really become memorable for you.

Get yourself styled this wedding season at Portraiture and make memorable moments, click amazing pictures and treasure them.

For personal or group/family styling you can contact at the given details.


Parinita Adukia




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