Happy Independent YOU

Independence is the power to be you. The confidence the person feels, to take its own decision, listening to opinions, but not getting swayed from their own aspirations. How well the person understands themselves, their line of thoughts, emotions, actions, reactions and accepts themselves the way they are, keeping in mind the need to change, or not.

Pc- aD's Picsography

Picture Credit – aD’s Picsography

To sum it up, how beautifully and confidently, the person can portray who they are, in the most appropriate manner, by accepting and loving themselves.



That’s independence, physically and MENTALLY.

I highlighted mentally, because, many (constitutionally all), are independent physically. But mentally, we are bound by many chains.



These chains come in varied colours, sizes, importance and age. To be clear, the chains here I refer to, are society pressures, parental expectations, peers, partner choices, family bondage, cultural beliefs, organizational limitations, and many, many more. This is just a short list.

The shocking part is, that many of us live tied up with these chains, unaware, that these chains stop us from exploring ourselves and independently portraying who we are.



  Picture Credit – Priyam Datta

Practicing Image consultancy, I have realised, these chains, as I keep calling them, does not only affect our career, finance, social or marriage decisions, but have a very large influence on our choice of clothes. People get stuck in between what they like and what they are expected to wear.

Picture Credit – Priyam Datta

To explain it better, I have a client, who is a young, financial professional. She is a very charming, innocent, and extremely talented girl. She is as humble in her nature, as she is serious with her work. Physically, she is petite.

When I started her consultation session, I was trying to figure the real issue. But then, with the help of few forms (which I make my clients fill to understand them better), I realised, her psychological self is very different, but she tries to wear clothes what the society and specially her parent ask her to wear. They want her to look more matured and professional, but her psychological choices of clothes reflect fun, playful and the want to experiment. So, just to adhere to the society expectation, she now has only boring, almost same coloured and structured clothes, which makes her extremely dis-satisfied with her wardrobe.

The reason we get stuck like this, in between what you like and what others want us to wear is, you don’t know yourself well, and even if you try, you do not know where to start and what aspects to look at.




I was in a similar situation, where my wishes and societies presumptions, did not match. But today, I know what my style is, how I have to wear clothes as per set notions and how independently I can still portray myself.




Picture Credit – Priyam Datta


I am not saying that you should defy every norm of society or parents, to wear whatever you feel like. No. What I mean is, you can still wear what you like, portraying who you really are and also keeping in mind the expectations and making people around you happy.

For that, you really should know yourself physically, mentally, psychologically well, and arrive at your personal style. With that knowledge, you can tweak elements in your clothing, as per the roles, goals, audience, responsibility and still keep your personal style intact.



Your choice of clothes, really reflect your self confidence. But majorly, affects your brains, on how independent are you to make your own choices in life.

Picture Credit – Priyam Datta


Have you ever thought, who you really are, what is it that you want to tell the world about yourself!! Do you know the clothes that you wear tell a story about you to the world, builds a perception of you, which in turn affects the way they react to you!

Not only that, your clothes talk to you as well, if you give them ears.

So, do you listen to your clothes, understand them, think about how they are making you feel, what extra can you do to your attire to feel good?

I would like to say, how independent do you feel in your clothes, to work tirelessly, to party hard, to tell the world you are beautiful and confident. How independent are you in your choices of clothes, wear them appropriately, according to what the situation demands, yet keeping your style intact.



The pictures I have chosen show, that today I am confident and Independent. I am self -reliant, to take my decisions and portray myself best.

I am independent, not only physically, but mentally as well, to show the world that I love and respect myself. What about You?



Picture Credit – Priyam Datta


Get independent this Independence day, with your choice of clothes and portray a true image with Portraiture. Contact Us

Get Styled, Get Independent.

Happy (Self) Independence Day.




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