How I wear different prints together

Print, is a language, an expression, a feeling, a persona. Every print is a story board, of your mood and your personality. It looks so happy and vivacious. How much ever I say that solids should be the base of your wardrobe, you just cannot, and should not live without prints. Floral prints, stripes, plaids, abstracts, there are so many to choose from. And we all love prints.

But, I know, many of us remain confused how to wear different prints together. Before Image consultancy happened, even I used to play it safe while combining prints. But, then I learned the actual techniques to team up prints.

So here I will be sharing few easy and wearable combinations of prints and why they go well together.

The basic and the easiest tip for mixing prints is to keep the colours same. It forms the fundamental rule and you cannot go wrong with this one.

I start with my favourite colour combination, blue and white. My top, as you can see, is a vertical striped one and the skirt is of checks.

This combination goes well for two reasons-

1) The colours of both the prints are same (shades). And,

2) Both the prints are geometric in nature.

Geometric prints are easiest to wear. If worn in correct proportions, it is considered as formals too. Take any colours, if you are a beginner, try similar colour or colour family, and enjoy mixing the prints.

I love blue and white, but just these two colours were not enough for me. I love giving breaks to my outfit and the pop of the solid coloured -bottle green neck-piece does just that. Along goes a brown belt and White stilettos. I kept the colour of the belt and heels neutral to keep all the focus on the green neck-piece and the prints.


I love how this frame looks. Even with a third print behind me, the picture works well. Simply put, the colour of the tile is in shades of grey, a neutral colour and somewhere close to the shade of blue.

Special tip -Do not go overboard with accessories, especially when you are new at trying your hands on prints.

Next one, is my favourite, floral prints. I love how floral prints can be so versatile, with so many colours to play with.


I wore a floral full length kurti with side slits. Beneath, I wore a black and cream geometric printed pants.

Black and white, or black and cream print effortlessly blends in with any print and colour.

Special tip– Start your experiment with a black print.

My favourite Combination -a floral jacket and an Aztec print skirt. When I wore it, my photographer was a bit perplexed. Even while clicking the pictures I could see that discomfort on her face, and I just said, trust me, I love this melange.


And when she saw the pictures, she called me up saying, this combination is growing over me and I love it.

Why this one worked –

  1. The Aztec print is again geometric and floral prints are versatile.
  2. The colours on the skirt and jacket are similar, from the same colour family, Pink.


The Aztec print, lavender-pink coloured neck-piece brings the unification. As the print and colours on the neck piece are similar to the jacket and skirt, it merges with the outfit, but still adds an interest to the outfit.

Special Tip– If you are confused about the two prints going well, take the help of an accessory, of the same or neutral colour, which pulls together the outfit.

Most important tip – Prints should also be worn as per your body shape and size. Inappropriate size and placing can damage the whole look.

So, keep your creative think tanks working, explore with world of prints. Follow the basic rules and the special tips, and look stylish.

To know more on Prints and patterns, and have a personalised session, contact us.






One thought on “How I wear different prints together

  1. Renu Puri says:

    Parinita very well coordinated the are looking great in them..! I loved the Aztec one that’s my style at times..which I comine with different Jackets and accessories..creating many outfits in a cluster..! ..It looks great and reflect one’s individuality and creativity..!


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