Time for summer styling – 2

Here comes the part II of my beloved summer styling blog. ( Read part 1 )

I was walking towards my classes (where I teach), and I heard few youngsters talking “It’s so hot yaar, feel like shedding off my clothes”.

Feeling hot in summer isn’t really about the number of layers you are wearing, but what plays the vital role, are the fabric of your garment, the fit, and also, a proper diet, hygiene and keeping yourself hydrated. You can very well wear a scarf around your neck, condition, the fabric is light, preferably cotton, and it’s not too tight around your neck.


So that is when I came up with this look, a long dress and a denim jacket. Yes, a denim jacket in summer. I love denim jackets and I can wear them in any season. Trust me, it is very comfortable. The main factor is, what quality denims are you buying and the fabric it is made of. Good quality denims will have good amount of Cotton in it.


The one that I am wearing is from Forever 21, and it is made of 99% cotton. So you can imagine how comfortable it will be. For denim jackets, I find this shade of blue, the most versatile. There is a thing about jackets, I just can’t live without them.

The dress which I am wearing (secret) is a kurti. I love kurtis, but sometimes I like to dabble and have fun. I love this length of kurti, the ankle length. And when it is without slits, it acts double as a kurti, and as a maxi dress.

So I took my favourite black and cream printed kurti, and threw over my favourite denim jacket, and here is my summer outfit.


But how can I stop there and not add colours. I found these beautiful multi coloured hangings, on one of my shopping spree (now a days I shop more for my clients, sigh).

Tie up your hair, and let these colourful pieces do the talking.


What I am wearing are the beautiful yellow chappals, my Lil Flea find. You should visit these flea markets, they have some of the most fabulous, unexplored creative buys. These ones are from Aprajita Toor. I love its style, the colours and the beads on it. I can style them with anything. You will see how.

Complete your look with the small gold studs, and carry a tan (or yellow) sling, for that perfect vacation look. I love combining Indian looks with western classic touch.


Next is an ensemble which is very close to my heart and the whole credit for this will go to my darling mother.

Has it ever happened to you that you are shopping, that too street shopping, and you over buy stuff, without even trying them on!! Used to happen with me a lot, but thanks to Image consulting, my impulsive shopping has reduced. So I ended up buying a dress, which did not fit me at all. Here is when my savior mom stepped in. She took the dress and started working on it. She came to me, handed over something and told me to go try. And ta-DA, here comes this beautiful skirt.

IMG_7449The skirt was so summery, that I had to think of something equally sun-shinny. So I wore this yellow off-shoulder top. Again, keeping in mind that the fabric should be cotton.

IMG_7437Comes the most beautiful part of the outfit, this neck-piece. My mom is my secret stylist. She made this neck-piece for me. She loves making such pieces, and gifting them to people. I have many of her pieces, but his one right here, is my favourite. From its colour, to the pearls, and how elegantly it sits on my neck, I love it all. Thanks Mom, you are indeed the best, and here is your long overdue credit.

I wore these Hexagon sunglasses from Bauble Head Store. And To show off my neckpiece, I tied my hair into a small summer messy bun (which took me merely 2 minutes to tie).


See, I again paired my skirt and the off shoulder top, with these alluring pair of Sandals, from Aprajita Toor.

Planning a Sunday brunch at a sea facing café, how about giving this look a try?

Summers are fun, mix and match colours, play with styles and fits, and remember to wear good quality fabric to keep it cool even in the hot.

Keep it stylish, authentic and portray your true image.

Picture credits- Priyam Datta

Help us style your Summer better.



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