Hola!!! Its time for summer styling

The Sun rays and the beach Waves, The Colors and the flowers, The Sunglasses and holiday from classes, Ice-creams and Sunscreens, Yellow and its a Summer Hello!!!

How much ever I hate the heat of the sun, I love the vibrant colours and the sunshine of the summer. The colours just shine bright, and I end up falling in love with them again. Summers is so much more than just tank tops, shorts and flip flops.

So I had a fun filled Summer styling Photo-shoot. Picture credits – Priyam Datta.

This time around, I am going to divide my summer blogs into 2 topics, which will further be spread over two parts. I am going to elaborate more on curating, designing and the image consulting aspects behind styling my outfits.

This will be my most loved blog. First, I love summer clothes, and second, pictures in summers turn out to be even more gorgeous and exquisite.

I am starting with this outfit, because this ensemble of a crop top and culottes, was an experiment for me.

A light blue, (white hearts) printed, bell sleeves cotton top. The perfect summer top I will say.


As the top and trousers are light coloured, it gives me a taller structure. Then, what different could I have done with it! I took my blue Georgette scarf and replaced my belt with it. What I took care of is, the colours of the scarf should be close to the colour of the outfit, so that even though there is a subtle hint of the scarf, it doesn’t bring in a stark demarcation, to cut the body length. But if you want, you can add a contrasting scarf for the fun twist. The heels I choose was a white, Steve Madden stilettos, again, for not breaking the color.




The wooden bag, my most favourite pick from Bali, Indonesia, stands out against the neutral colours and formal look of the outfit. It adds that Sportive hint, to the whole Classic look, with some Romantic elements (more on these concepts of Image Consulting later).


I am really in love with this look, and have decided to wear this more often, with obviously few twists. (I love doing that whenever I am repeating my outfits). The idea behind the colours and look was, first I love blue, and second I wanted the whole outfit to be seen as one. White and blue are favourite summer colours.Only the bag stands out a bit, otherwise, the whole outfit fits-in together amazingly.

Put on your black stilettos, carry a classic black handbag, and walk into your office in style.

IMG_6820                                                                Flowers anyone??


IMG_7007The second look which I chose, is a bright pink trousers and a printed, sleeveless jacket. The trousers and the jacket is designed, styled and gotten made by me (stitched by my tailor of-course).



I had always wanted a bright coloured trouser, with the right fit and length, which I can easily carry off as my formals and casual looks. Even though this trouser is pink, the lines and fit is just so classic. So I customized this for myself. The material is perfectly breezy for summers.

I loved the way the jacket came out to be, even though my idea was a bit different. The vibrancy of blue and pink of the jacket can be seen against the trousers . My personal style is classic, so however casual my outfit might be, I will automatically add some colour, or element, to make it a bit classic. Keeping the colour of the inner neutral, I chose Black.



What actually brings the whole outfit together, but still remains distinct, is the Aztec printed neck-piece(purple coloured, same color family as my trousers and jacket). It was from a bargain shop. I love bargain shops, they hide gems. Thank You ­­­­­Bauble Head for these lovely hexagon sunglasses. I wore a nude Steve Madden block heels, so the whole attention remains on the colours of the outfit.

It forms the perfect summer dress, with the perfect material, the bright colours and the prints. Replace this shrug with a formal, neutral coloured jacket, and it will be a stunning Summer time Office wear.

IMG_7011Meeting your friends over weekend? Wear this and make a statement.

See how the two outfits, in their colours and styling are so different, yet authentically, they are me. Because whatever the outfit might be, I keep my personal style intact, which gives me comfort to try anything.

So here are the two of my favourite ensembles for Summers.

But it’s not over. Part II coming soon.

Till then, enjoy your summers. Stay stylish, stay happy.

To get your own summer styling done, Contact us.



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