How we helped Zinkal Enhance her Personality – inside out

Personality Enhancement – The inner and outer self

Zinkal is a Chartered Accountant. An intelligent, enthusiastic and a kind girl. Then why did she come to me?

She was recommended to me by a well wisher, to come and meet me.She met me and said she is was in need of “personality development”, a term very popularly referred to. I wanted to correct her, but thought, it is still early for that.

So we met at my office. As we were just acquaintances, the first meet was to understand her traits, her background, her aspirations, and what exactly is to be done, because “personality development” is a vague term used by many and in my opinion doesn’t cover or might cover unnecessary aspects.

The adjectives which I used for her previously, were not which I concluded on the first meeting, as to say, not my first impression. I usually do not come to conclusion about a person on the first go, but going as per her “first impression” aspects, I found her to be introvert and a bit hesitant to speak up (and some more observations, which I will keep to myself.) The more I spoke to her I realized, she is smart and has a never give up attitude, she wants to achieve so much in life but was not able to communicate that perfectly from her personality.

On speaking to her, I realized where the under-confidence and nervousness comes from. It is always things or people around you that influence you. But the critical aspect is, what you think about yourself, or your self-image.

How people talk about you, often leads to you thinking the same about yourself. This is the very reason we start going into a shell, which is not a true reflection of our personality.

With Zinkal, I worked upon the self-confidence, public speaking, body language, communications, career and personal growth ideas, defining the areas to build on her inner self-image.

As an Image consultant and a communications trainer, I know, as much as inner confidence is necessary, your outer image, which portrays this inner confidence, should not be ignored.

So I taught her the basics of styling herself, covering the colours which suit her, patterns and fits that will flatter her and also my favourite part, basics of make-up.

When we were done with the sessions, Zinkal went to the well wisher to meet her, and yes, she was pleasantly surprised. She said she could see the increase in self-confidence, body posture, styling and communication skills. Not only her, many others have also complimented her, for her changed “avatar”.

Today, she is a self-believer, more confident to portray who she actually is. She communicates with a lot of confidence now, even while speaking to new people. And yes, she is more comfortable being “her” and flattering her world with her new found flamboyance.

If you also want to explore your true capabilities and want to portray your enriched Image , do get in contact with me.

Keep enhancing your self, be a better version and keep it stylish.

With Lots of Love,


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