Its time to set your GOALS

A busy start to the year, with back to back training and festivals to enjoy. So, a late post. I have been thinking for few days as to the topic I should start my 2017 with. And what better than Goal Setting.

Goal setting is like common sense. Known by all, used by few. Starting your day, or your year without a goal, is like running between the stumps, without knowing how much to score, and being clueless if you are winning or losing. If you do not know your destination well, how can if you even reach there!!!



What is a goal? Well planned wishes or dreams becomes your goals.


Zig Ziglar, the famous author and  “World’s best Salesman”, says

A goal properly set is halfway reached.


Let me help you with few simple steps to achieve your goals –

  1.  To start my goal setting, the first step was to have a review of my goals in 2016. How much did I attain, how well did I perform and what all was to be carried forward this year. Goal, is never only yearly, let me be clear. It is a larger picture which you break it down into achievable, measurable timelines. So, like I believe in, I drew a picture of my dreams(called vision board also) and scanned my Bucket list, to modulate it.
  2. The next step is, I set long term goals, say 10 years or 5 year goals. It might sound intimidating, but trust me, once you do it, you get going. Break that long term goal into smaller, yearly goals.
  3. Now when I am setting my 2017 goals, I will categorize my goals into personal, professional, financial, health, family, and any more areas I want to work upon. We make a general mistake of restricting our goals to professional or financial. Do not do that. Every aspect of your life makes you, what you are.
  4. Set Timeline for each goal, steps to reach there, and the people and resources you will have to work with. Again, break them monthly and where ever you can, plan out your days.

Few Points for Goal setting which I firmly believe in-

  1. Most importantly, WRITE down your goals.
  2. Always have your goals set out in positive words.
  3. Make sure you reward and praise yourself on accomplishing smallest of the goals.
  4. Share your ideas and goals with someone, for their timely reviews and inputs. But, take care, that the person is one you trust and who will motivate you.
  5. Be accountable for your goals and change your plans if needed, not your goals.
  6. Set goals which are SMART (Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound).
  7. Review your goal every day. Amend your steps, praise yourself and set reminders.
  8. Know that you have to keep a positive outlook about yourself. Build a good Image (click here to know what is image building)

Remember, a goal without a plan is just a wish. Give goal setting a try this year. It gives you that enthusiasm to give your best, to strive to reach somewhere and that motivation to wake up each day to become somebody.

Kick start your new year in a positive, focused and exuberant way. There is nothing that you cannot achieve, if you have dreamed about it and planned it. An arrow, shot without a target is a waste. Do not let you hard work turn into that aimless arrow.

Let me help you to get what you always dreamed about. Let us together set Goals Contact Portraiture.

With lots of zeal,





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