How We Styled Yashaswini For Her Pre-Wedding Couple Shoot

I still remember my pre-wedding photo shoot. How amazing it was. I still scan those photos to look back on the mystical time we had together.

But, one of the things I still remember is, how difficult it was to style myself for the shoot, and specially coordinating my outfits with my husband. I wasn’t an image consultant then, stylish yes, but image technicalities and application were “not yet explored” by me.

So, at Portraiture, I want my clients to have the best experience while planning their shoot. The responsibility of choosing the outfits and then matching it with your partner will be mine.

Remember Yashaswini whose wedding trousseau we put together? (Read here.) Well, we styled her for her photo shoot as well.

When we begin styling for photo shoots, the first question we ask is, what they have imagined their photos to be like. All the brides, as dreamy as we girls always are, have some expectations and imaginations when it come to our clothes and pictures. As soon as we know about our upcoming photo shoot, we start imagining our outfits and how we will look in them.

The next basic criteria comes in, is the preferred location, because, take my words, location and time of the day matters a lot, as to what kind of clothes and colours you have chosen. Yash, being simple, did not have location criteria, but yes, as far as the outfit goes, she wanted few different kinds of looks for her shoot.

The shortlisted looks were a Classy Gown look, a Casual-Day-Out look, a Dressy look and hers and my favourite, a Biker look (her passion being bikes). We went hunting for the first 3 looks. We were so happy to have been able to zero down on our outfits quite fast. We tried to keep the colours and fits of all looks different. Post our shopping, we matched the accessories for each outfit.

The Classy Gown Look – that soft, elegant, princess look.


Credit: Bezire Photography

Yash really wanted this and so did I. When she tried this outfit, she was amazed herself! I picked up the gold waist belt and put it around. She instantly decided to buy it.  And look how well they both look together!

The Casual-Day-Out look:

This dress with the jacket look is a casual, yet ootd kind of a look. She had loved the jacket on one go. Selecting the maroon dress to be worn inside, required a bit of a search. I was determined to buy a maroon or rum-coloured dress for her as it suits her skin tone and makes her look more vibrant. The brown Swarovski bracelet, gives her the edge she always wants, in whatever she is wearing.

The Dressy Look:

Yash loves prints. And the colour blue, suits her well. I convinced her to buy the blue, paisley print wrap dress. Seeing the dress, she was a bit hesitant, but her decision changed in a second, when she went for the trial. And that pearl neckpiece is just giving the dress an elegant uplift.

The Biker Look:

mah_6166The biker look was taken from what she already had. I simply put together this look directly from what she already had in her closet.










The whole shoot was in Hyderabad, the city of biryani, from where her groom hails.

When I saw the pictures, I was in awe. Both looked stunning and I was super happy for the two of them. She was looking so beautiful and elegant. I simply fell in love with her.

So all the brides and grooms out there, enjoy your courtship period. You won’t get this time back. Let me style you, and together we will build beautiful pictures to cherish for a lifetime.




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