Bride-To-Be Yashaswini’s Image Transformation

You are the bride to be. Happy, excited, nervous, the apt words to explain all the feelings inside you. You are about to enter a new family, a new world. You end up meeting new people each day. And, isn’t it true, that all these new friends and family form impressions about you, the first time they see you. And, when you are about to enter a new life, wont a good change even make you more excited!!


Our client, Yashaswini, approached for her Image makeover and Trousseau shopping. As an image consultant, we started working with understanding her as a person and her choices of clothes. Her likes, dislikes and yes, her roles and responsibilities. Yash (as she is referred to by friends and family), is professionally a Trainer with Tata Group and has a sweet and charming personality.

When she came to me, I noticed she is a very enthusiastic, elegant and an independent woman. But, her choice of outfit did not portray that.

I really wanted her to start experimenting with her style and bring out that super fun, energetic and professional Yash, which she truly is.

So here is our new Yash, looking smart, elegant, stylish and yes beautiful. She was always beautiful from inside, and now, she can portray that beauty on the outside too,with confidence.


We are really in awe with her transformation.

We have also worked on her trousseau, wardrobe and photo shoot styling, which we will discuss in the upcoming blogs.

So all the brides, if you are looking for that amazing makeover before stepping into your new life, contact us at Portraiture.

Transform yourself and portray your true image.

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