Image Transformation – Redefine Yourself

Chanel has rightly quoted – “Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside”.

And this is what I exactly want my clients to achieve each day.

Tell someone you are an Image Consultant, and you get the greatest, weirdest reactions. And, I don’t blame them. Yes it’s a new profession, with a very fancy name. And if you say you are a stylist as well, they say, “Oh OK, so you work for celebs.”

So, Image consulting is Image transformation for me. Image transformation is more than just changing your clothes. It is, bringing out that style which you already have, in an interesting way, that people relate that style to you. So, you look stylish, feel stylish, yet, are comfortable in your new “Avatar”. Merely wearing the latest trends, or the most fashionable outfit in the market will not make you look stylish. There is a huge chance, the style, the fit, the color or the shape, doesn’t not compliment your personality and body.

Hence, our clients are everyone and anyone. No age bars, no gender bias. And, No, I don’t only work for celebs.

My vision, lies in seeing everyone comfortable in their own skin, yet being stylish and confident enough to portray who they actually are. Being elegant is not only to look good, but to carry yourself with such panache, that people around you know your presence and your personality.

Find that unique style of yourself, redefine yourself and Portray your best Image.


Photo Credits: Two Fireflies – One Camera

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